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The Laptop Repair Workbook by Morris Rosenthal

This is a review and recommendation of The Laptop Repair Workbook: An Introduction to Troubleshooting and Repairing Laptop Computers by Morris Rosenthal.

If you are getting started in laptop repair or you are looking for a laptop repair course, this is a fantastic lightweight book for beginners and professional alike.

This book is written in simple, straightforward language aimed at all levels of readers and will keep you interested.  Many people read it from cover to cover, even the sections not related to their repair, just because it’s a great read. Continue reading

The secret Core FTP command line options cheat sheet

I always find myself looking for the CoreFTP command line options below. I hope you find this helpful.

Download a file via a FTP URL (see FTP URL’s for more information).

From the command line, type:

drive:\(coreftp path)\coreftp.exe -d


drive:\(coreftp path)\coreftp.exe

This will download the file into the default download directory specified in options, or to the last local directory that was used while in the program.

Continue reading

How to Reset Your Lost Windows 10 Password

Have you forgotten your Windows 10 password? How do you recover or reset your lost Windows 10 password? Did you forget your Windows 10 admin user password?

There are lots of solutions to help you reset the Windows 10 password you have forgotten. Follow our step by step guide and you will be back up and running with a new Windows 10 password in no time. Continue reading

How to Keep Linux a Clean, Lean and More Efficient Machine

How to Keep Your Linux a Clean, Lean, and More Efficient Machine

Though not as popular commercially as its Windows and Mac counterparts, Linux is the OS platform that powers governments and big businesses. It is used by government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as well as industry titans like Amazon, IBM, Cisco, Wikipedia, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Google famously runs its servers on Linux to power its search engine, apps, and computing devices like the Chromebook. Its mobile version even makes up the core of the operating system of Android devices.

Linux is also the OS of choice for hardcore computer programmers and engineers. And although the selling point of Linux machines is being open source, versatile, and low-maintenance; you still have to perform certain tweaks in order to keep them running at peak performance. Below are a couple of ways to keep your Linux a clean, lean, and more efficient machine: Continue reading

Finding The Best Provider Of Computer Or Mobile Phone Repair Service Today

Similar to any electronic device, owners must know that their laptops or phones are also prone to different kinds of damage. Clumsy hands can send it crashing to your floor or perhaps a virus can wipe its memory. No matter what you might have done to your gadget, it is very important for you to know where to bring it for proper repairs.

It is true that units obtained from authorized retailers are covered by warranty for a certain timeframe. When the warranty expires or perhaps the damage incurred was not covered by the warranty terms, it is highly recommended that you bring your gadget to the best centre offering the right repair service. Continue reading

3 Problems You Can Solve Without Computer Tech Support

A few decades ago, people required expert assistance for even the smallest problem, but these days, people are learning more and more about basic problems and how they can go about resolving the issues without calling in computer tech support each and every time. You don’t need to have a thorough knowledge of this field in order to resolve some of the most basic issues that tend to arise every now and again; understanding how to go about fixing some of the most common problems could end up saving you a fortune in bills. Continue reading

Leveraging Quality And Savings On Printing Inks

When you think of printers you instantly think of the prices of printer ink being costly. The amount of ink available in cartridges has now reduced because printer manufacturers are now making printers which are printing much more efficiently with the use of lesser ink. Continue reading

Quality Productivity Using Quality Computers

Is your computer making you more productive or do you feel like you want to throw it out the window and pick up a pen and paper or go back to a typewriter?

The whole purpose of a computer is to get more done in less time by having the computer off-load what we would consider remedial tasks so that we can spend more time thinking of new ideas and executing ground breaking innovations. The computer is there to do the heavy lifting, the repetitive brainless stuff that we just want to get done faster. Computers just do what they are told, nothing more and nothing less. Every line of code is executed exactly as written. Continue reading

How to remove Adware from your computer with Adwcleaner

What is Adware?

An unfortunate part of surfing the Internet today is accidently and most times unknowingly installing unwanted applications in the form of Adware.

Adware, which advertises to you, in effect does very little for the end-user but slow down their computer, redirect them to pages they never wanted to go to, and generally gets in the way of your Internet activities.

With so many choices to choose from to help you remove adware from your computer, Adwcleaner has established itself as one of the easiest and simplest ways to do so. Continue reading

Solving Error 0x00000709 – Can’t Set Default Printer Problem

I recently had a troubleshooting appointment for an Epson all-in-one printer that could not be set as the default printer. When I tried to make it the default, a message box came up saying “operation could not be completed error (0x00000709)”.

Other than that, it seemed to work fine. I even removed all the printer software through “Programs And Features” in the Windows control panel followed up by a Windows system registry scan. Continue reading

Microsoft Security Essentials won’t install or update on Windows XP

From April 8th 2014 Microsoft Security Essentials will not install or get updates on a Windows XP computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials has been a good friend to computer repair technicians for the last few years.  It was a free anti-virus that you could install on any home PC or laptop.  It had the well known name of Microsoft behind it and by and large it did a decent job of catching viruses and reassuring customers. Continue reading