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Leveraging Quality And Savings On Printing Inks

When you think of printers you instantly think of the prices of printer ink being costly. The amount of ink available in cartridges has now reduced because printer manufacturers are now making printers which are printing much more efficiently with the use of lesser ink.

What Makes A Printer Tick

A printer is not a very simple device and neither is the inkjet cartridge which is used in it. When an image or text is to be printed a series of electronic instructions are sent to the tiny ink nozzles of the printer which are about a third of the thickness of a human hair. When a printer nozzle gets the instruction it creates a vapor bubble that forces ink droplets to come out of the nozzle and onto a page at about 30 mph. This happens about 36,000 times before you get your finished print. Now imagine trying to drop a coin from 30 feet high at precisely the same spot as many times. You can imagine the intricacy of such a system.

Quantity Vs Efficiency

While many people complain that the amount of inks you get in a cartridge has gone down, manufactured have pioneered ways that printers consume lesser ink while printing and limit the wastage of ink and paper.

You may find the OEM inks costly; they are aimed at keeping your printing systems running properly. A recent study of systems using Brother Ink was tested with both OEM cartridges and refilled cartridges. The result seen is that the refilled cartridges failed 72% of the time either during testing or right out of the box.

When you buy your inks you consider quality, reliability and value. But at the same time you need to place importance on efficiency. All these factors are considered to constitute the total cost of ownership of any given system. Be it a system using Brother Ink, Lexmark Ink or HP Ink. You need to buy the systems that provide the most overall value.

This cost varies according to what system is printing. Is it just text? Or are you adding graphics? Or maybe you are printing photos and WebPages. So ultimately you are deciding the cost of ownership based on your preferences.

Conserve While Printing

You can save money and get quality prints at the same time. Here are a few tips on how to do so:

• Use high-yield cartridges which can offer up to 3 times more printing on your regular systems.
• You can save more money by buying ink in bulk in multi packs.
• If your printer has a draft mode then print using that setting because it is set to print using less ink and is configured to print faster.
• You can save money on photo printing by buying your photo paper and inks together in value packs.
• Widen your margins and print on double sides.

By doing this you can save some money on your printing supplies. While inks can cost more, you get the guarantee that the systems will be efficient and the prints will be of great quality.


This is a guest post written by No Name Provided.

Author owns an office supplies procurement establishment and provides organizations with cost-effective suppliers. He is currently looking into the justification for the high cost of printing inks.


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