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Fix for Spamd Child Process causing High Server Load

From time to time, a spamd child process for a user can cause very high load on your linux web server. This can result in very high, or 100% CPU usage.  This is a well known bug with spamassassin.  Here is how to fix it.

To fix this issue with spamassassin on cPanel web servers, apply the following patch.

Log in to the server using an SSH client and run the following scripts:

/scripts/autorepair spamd_dbm_fix
/etc/init.d/exim restart


The first script will repair your spamassassin (spamd) database.

The second script will restart the exim mail handler program.






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One Comment:

  1. iDed Network | WebHosting , VPS Hosting , Ddicated Hosting

    Thanks for command it gives us:
    Auto Repair is running…spamd_db_fix version 2.0 (c) cPanel Inc.
    …Auto Repair is done.
    is this ok ?
    i guesses we must do any other things.


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