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Recommended books for Computer Repair Technicians

There are loads of books out there providing help and guides for computer and laptop repair.  These are a few that I would highly recommend from my own experience.  If you want to learn laptop repair or computer repair, these books are a great place to start.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs by Scott Mueller

This book has been revised many times over the years to keep it up to date with the latest trends in computer hardware.

Now in it’s 20th Revision, Scott Mueller’s book remains the ultimate computer repair knowledgebase to keep handy in your repair workshop.

The book describes the evolution of computers and PC hardware through the years and the level of detail that the author goes into is truely amazing.  It also comes with a DVD containing various how-to videos.


Computer Repair With Diagnostic Flowcharts by Morris Rosenthal

In contrast to Scott Mueller’s encyclopaedia, this is a lightweight paperback concentrating on computer hardware fault finding flowcharts.

There is a good level of detail, but the main use I find for this book is for taking a step back from a confusing PC repair and systematically checking each subsystem until the flowcharts highlight a potential fault area.

It can be all to easy to assume you know what’s wrong with a PC from past experience, but when that fix doesn’t work, it’s good to go back to basics and follow the diagnostic charts.

More often than not, it highlights a potential problem you forgot all about.


The Laptop Repair Workbook by Morris Rosenthal

Another lightweight diagnostic flowchart book by the same author, concentrating on the often tricky subject of laptop computers.

Laptops tend to have their own unique problems, as any computer repair tech will know, and this book provides some useful tips on diagnosing their sometimes troublesome problems.

Well worth a read by anyone interested in becoming an expert in laptop repair.




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  1. where can i get books which you recommend to repair a laptop & pc?

  2. O God , this is what I was looking for. Thank you very much.. 🙂

  3. Regarding my xt2 dell problems, I have to consult first on this Site waiting for your recommendation because I think the GPU/ Processor has a problem with this, because I want to buy a reheating tools requirements if I’m not wrong that I mentioned above. Please reply before I proceed to repair what’s my xt2 real problem.

  4. My xt2 Dell laptop is like these: F4, lights blinking F5 lights On steady,Caps lock too after 30-40 seconds and no more display since turning on no hdd blink sign…

  5. thanks very much for your guidance

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    wanna if these being in french too ? or if you can advice one in french . cause french is more easy for me …

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