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Leveraging Quality And Savings On Printing Inks

When you think of printers you instantly think of the prices of printer ink being costly. The amount of ink available in cartridges has now reduced because printer manufacturers are now making printers which are printing much more efficiently with the use of lesser ink. Continue reading

Quality Productivity Using Quality Computers

Is your computer making you more productive or do you feel like you want to throw it out the window and pick up a pen and paper or go back to a typewriter?

The whole purpose of a computer is to get more done in less time by having the computer off-load what we would consider remedial tasks so that we can spend more time thinking of new ideas and executing ground breaking innovations. The computer is there to do the heavy lifting, the repetitive brainless stuff that we just want to get done faster. Computers just do what they are told, nothing more and nothing less. Every line of code is executed exactly as written. Continue reading

Microsoft Security Essentials won’t install or update on Windows XP

From April 8th 2014 Microsoft Security Essentials will not install or get updates on a Windows XP computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials has been a good friend to computer repair technicians for the last few years.  It was a free anti-virus that you could install on any home PC or laptop.  It had the well known name of Microsoft behind it and by and large it did a decent job of catching viruses and reassuring customers. Continue reading

Snazzy PC Repairs – An Introduction

Snazzy PC Repairs was a computer and laptop repair shop in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

In addition to helping our local customers with their PC and laptop repair issues, we hope to use this blog, Computer Repair Tips, as a way of helping the computer repair community and the public in general with useful repair information. Continue reading