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AVG Removal Tool

The AVG Removal Tool 2012 is another handy tool for computer repair professionals and home users to tidy up after an AVG uninstall. AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security programs, like lots of similar software from other manufacturers, can leave various files and registry entries behind after an uninstall. This can happen for many reasons, like a crash during the uninstall, a conflict with another program, or sometimes the uninstaller program just doesn’t remove everything it installed.

A bad uninstall can mean that your computer still thinks AVG is partially installed, even though most of it is gone. This can cause conflicts if you try to re-install AVG again or if you try to install another anti-virus program. It can also cause problems related to connecting to the internet, where you appear to be connected but no websites will display.

This is where the AVG Removal Tool 2012 comes in. It is a standalone, portable application that has only one purpose – to completely remove all files and registry entries from your computer related to AVG products.

As with all anti-virus removal tools of this kind, the best approach is first to try to uninstall the program using its own uninstaller. From Windows Control Panel, go to Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features depending on your version of Windows, select the AVG program and click Uninstall.

A good time to run the AVG Removal Tool 2012 is just after this process is completed, just to tidy up any loose ends.

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Download AVG Removal Tool:

Download AVG Removal Tool (32 bit version)
Download AVG Removal Tool (64 bit version)

Screenshot of AVG Removal Tool:

Image of the AVG Removal Tool in action


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