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I am actively looking for contributors to write quality guest articles for

Do you have a computer repair tip that you would like to share?

Could you write a step by step guide for fixing a common computer problem?


Writing and Acceptance Tips

This blog is aimed at both experienced computer repairers and home users, so think about the audience you are writing to and try to phrase yourself appropriately.  In other words, try to avoid unnecessary jargon when writing for home users, or if jargon is used, make sure that it is properly explained.

Make sure to read some of the existing articles and try, where possible, to match the general tone and writing style.

Your article should be,

  • original writing (not copied from anywhere else, in whole or in part)
  • not just a reworking of an existing article on this blog
  • relevant to the computer repair community and/or home computer users
  • high quality structured writing (sentences, paragraphs, punctuation)
  • spell-checked and grammar-checked
  • factually correct
  • at least 500 words

I do not want articles that are simply advertisements or sales pitches for products or services.

Links will be allowed where they add value to the reader.  However I reserve the right to remove links from the main text of your article.


Submission Tips

The text of your article should be pasted into Notepad and saved as a .txt file.  It can then be uploaded into the relevant box below.

It would be helpful, although not absolutely necessary, if your text had HTML formatting tags included, so that I can easily see how the article should be formatted on the page.

If you require an image at any point in your article, please just include the text “IMAGE HERE” or something like that.  If your article is selected for publication, you will be contacted so that you can provide the relevant images.  Images should not be copyrighted or taken from other sources online.


What’s in it for you?

There will be no financial reward paid to guest writers for contributing an article.

However, you can provide a signature / bio text about who you are, who you work for (if you think it’s relevant) and details of your own website or blog.  This text may include HTML formatting and one link to your website URL.  The signature text should ideally be less than 60 words long.

This bio / signature text will be displayed immediately after the body of your article text and it will be preceded by “This is a guest post written by <your name>.”  Here is an example of acceptable signature text.

Joe Bloggs is a computer repair technician with over 10 years professional experience specialising in laptops and desktop PCs.  He runs his own computer repair shop Broken PCs R Us in London, England.


Terms and Conditions

In addition to the instructions and tips above, the following terms and conditions will apply.

  • If your article is accepted, I reserve the right to make minor edits where necessary.
  • No inappropriate content, or links to inappropriate content, will be allowed.  I will decide what I deem to be inappropriate content and that decision will be final.
  • When your article has been published, you are free to advertise it with links to the article from your own blog or any other relevant website.
  • Once your article has been accepted and published, you should not repost that same article elsewhere online.  If this condition is abused, your article may be permanently removed from this site.


Submit An Article

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    Enter the random code in the box below:


    Finally, please confirm that you accept the Terms & Conditions






    1. Your steps, clear even for this computer neanderthal, brought the success I sought for over 5 hours. I removed the extra printer (driver?), restarted and voila!
      Thank you greatly
      wayne in san luis obispo

    2. Dear admin,

      are you still accepting guest post? if so, can you please let me know.


    3. Wish there was a way we could find these people tru there phone number & have them arrested for scamming & fraud.

    4. For the last couple of years I have had phone calls made to me by people claiming to be in contract with microsoft. These people claim they owe me money & will pay me thru Western Union. These phone numbers came out Bakersfield Calf.,Ferso Calf., 661-748-0240 & 209-220-1907. Almost fell for these scams but I ask the gentle call be back in a few mins. Called my credit card co. to let them know about the cituation. Instead of paying a refund the were trying to withdraw from my account of casn advailable thru Western Union. Glad I called my credit card co. about this scam.

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