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AVG Removal Tool

The AVG Removal Tool 2012 is another handy tool for computer repair professionals and home users to tidy up after an AVG uninstall. AVG Anti-Virus and Internet Security programs, like lots of similar software from other manufacturers, can leave various files and registry entries behind after an uninstall. This can happen for many reasons, like a crash during the uninstall, a conflict with another program, or sometimes the uninstaller program just doesn’t remove everything it installed. Continue reading

How and Where to buy Computer Memory (RAM)

No matter what you use your laptop or desktop computer for, it can usually benefit from additional memory. The more RAM you have in your computer, the easier it is to have multiple applications running at once, meaning your computer does not have to use the pagefile on your hard disk as much, so your computer runs faster and smoother.

So once you have decided to upgrade your RAM, your next decisions are,

– How much RAM do I get?

– What type of RAM do I get?

– Where do I get good quality memory from? Continue reading

Laptops need Air!

Laptop ventilation is extremely important to the health and well being of your laptop.

Ever think your laptop is heating up too much? Do you, like most others, use your laptop on your knee? If so, the laptop is likely not getting essential laptop ventilation. This can lead to expensive hardware problems for the laptop and even health problems for you.

Q. Why does a laptop get hot?

A. Laptops are precision pieces of equipment. Just imagine that a bunch of very clever engineers had to design a way of cramming all the equipment of a desktop PC into the tiny space of a laptop body. When the laptop is on, the CPU is generating heat, just like your desktop PC. The difference is that the removal of this heat has to be handled differently. Continue reading

Customer wants me to fit a backlight into their laptop LCD

I don’t turn away much repair work, but I turned down a job today. Here’s the story.

A customer phoned up and said his backlight had failed. He had ordered a new one and had started taking his laptop apart to replace it. But he soon got out of his depth, didn’t want to risk breaking the delicate backlight and wanted me to finish the job for him. Continue reading

Firefox not responding

We had a returning customer come into the shop a few days ago. Everything was working fine on his computer apart from Firefox.

His operating system was Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

When he loaded up Firefox, his homepage appeared straight away. But any time he would click on one of the menus, or any of his favourites on his favourites bar, Firefox would go Not Responding, the little Windows 7 ‘waiting’ circle would appear and spin round, and the Firefox window would change to that opaque white colour that tells you Windows 7 is struggling with something. Continue reading

Snazzy PC Repairs – An Introduction

Snazzy PC Repairs was a computer and laptop repair shop in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

In addition to helping our local customers with their PC and laptop repair issues, we hope to use this blog, Computer Repair Tips, as a way of helping the computer repair community and the public in general with useful repair information. Continue reading